Hamster Collaborates with Nobel Laureate

I love NPR!

During this morning’s commute, I learned how the spirit of play led two Russian-born scientists, Andre Geim and Konstantine Novoselov, to the discovery that won this year’s Nobel Prize in physics.


The pair teach at the University of Manchester in Britain, and the custom in their lab is to dedicate Friday afternoons to “crazy experiments.” One day, while picking up graphite with scotch tape, the idea that led to graphene was born. Graphene is a sheet of carbon one atom thick. It is the thinnest material on earth, 100 times stronger than steel, transparent, and an excellent conductor. Experiments with photovoltaic cells are already underway, and potential uses include better touch-screens, replacements for silicon transistors, and power generating clothing.

Geim, in particular, has a wacky streak. He once used magnetic fields to levitate a frog, and another time, listed his favorite hamster, Tish, as a collaborator on a scientific paper.

I can very much identify with that; my first serious literary project, in the fifth grade, was a sequel to Wind in the Willows, starring my hamster, Herman.

Herman gets some exercise

Doesn’t it seem like the funniest people are very, very serious about their humor?

4 thoughts on “Hamster Collaborates with Nobel Laureate

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I love the way those guys made their discovery and I’d like to know if you still have the sequel to “Gone With the Wind” you wrote. You should bring that to the group sometime!


  2. It was Wind in the Willows – Rat, Mr. Toad, et. al. Herman the Hamster invites the English animals to visit his dude ranch in Arizona. Toad rediscovers the Lost Dutchman Mine, but loses it in the end – can’t quite remember how. I know I have it somewhere and should bring it, as I made a few illustrations too 🙂


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