It almost seems like the world pauses around the time of the solstice, the way an out-breath stops for a moment before the next in-breath begins.  To catch the stillness, we may have to make an effort to step outside the noise of the season, but it can be done.

People finally get to slow down on Christmas Eve.  Maybe they go to church and look at the stars afterwards,or just step out for a breath of air when the family gathering gets too loud.  Or take the dogs for a walk in the late afternoon, hands in pockets, and notice how quiet the park is, almost as if it is waiting for something.  The soccer players and kids on the swings will be back soon, but now they’re gone.

This can be a hard season.  Individually and collectively, many are wondering when the next blow is going to fall.  And by this time of year, everyone is weary of trying to be as happy as people in Hallmark movies.  Yet I believe that by some mystery, stillness surrounds and pervades our busy-ness, and silence permeates the noise.  There is a well of renewal we can touch at this time of year.  By whatever name you call it, may it be yours.

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