Save the Words

The following link was sent by a friend some time ago, a website by the Oxford Dictionary people, dedicated to saving endangered words.

It works kind of like the  endangered animal sites where you can chose an animal to adopt, but just because word-adoption is free, does not mean the situation isn’t dire!  My friend wrote: 90 percent of everything written today uses only 7000 words. That’s a little over 4 percent of the 171,476 words that are listed in the Oxford University Dictionary.

To adopt a word, follow the link and scroll around until you find a word or words that move you, and complete the online pledge:  I hereby promise to use this word, in conversation and correspondence, as frequently as possible, to the very best of my ability.

Look at all the choices!

aquabib – water-drinker
blateration – blabber; chatter
frutescent – having or approaching the habit or appearance of a shrub
latibule – hiding place
leeftail – in great demand
nidifice – a nest
pessundate – to cast down or destroy
pudify – to cause to be embarrased
quibbleism – the act of beating around the bush
squiriferous – having the character or qualities of a gentleman

I will not indulge in quibbleisim, but shall tell you directly that my chosen word is flosculation – an embellishment or ornament in speech.

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