The Blogisattva Awards

Yesterday, December 8, was celebrated by some Buddhists as Bodhi Day, a commemoration of the 8th day of the 12th lunar month, when Shakyamuni Buddha is said to have reached enlightenment.  Here is the event as imagined in the excellent movie, Little Buddha:

In commemoration, the finalists for the 2010 Blogisattva Awards were announced.  These commendations are given in various categories for “excellence in English-language Buddhist blogging,” aka, “the Buddho-blogosphere.”

Blogisattva: a portmanteau combining the English word for ‘blog’ [which is ‘blog’] with the Sanscrit word for ‘being’ [which is ‘sattva’]. The letter ‘i’ is used as caulk to hold the word-tiles together. Thus, Blogisattva means BLOG BEING.

But as the website notes, this is first and foremeost about excellence in blogging and is only about Buddhism in so far as that is what flavors how we blog and what we write about.

The “what we write about” of these links is life itself:  the joys and pains of raising children, caring for parents with Alzheimer’s, wondering if John Lennon was a boddhisattva, and many many thoughts on the effort to practice meditation and live wisely and compassionately in an ever more complex and confusing world. 

There is now a permanent link here in the right hand column.  Click it for some intriguing and thought provoking articles.

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