Workshop with Donald Maass, Feb. 21, in San Francisco

In response to my post yesterday about the agent workshop in Sacramento, I got a very nice email from Margie Yee Webb, President of the Sacramento Branch of the California Writer’s club, and author of Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life which is scheduled for publication in February, 2011. Congratulations Margie!!!

Ms. Yee informed me that Donald Maass, whose, Writing the Breakout Novel, I reviewed here (see the December archive), is giving a half-day seminar called “Micro-Tension: The Secret of the Best-Sellers.”  This will be a post-conference session in connection with the San Francisco Writer’s Conference:

This workshop has been given to rave reviews throughout North America by the man who wrote the book (and workbook) on writing the novel that will break you out of the pack. In the course of two decades Mr. Maass has arrived at a number of definite and highly perceptive conclusions on just what the differences are between an ordinary, pedestrian but enjoyable novel and an ostensibly similar work that catapults the book and its author into an entirely new plane of literary success.

Details on the San Francisco conference and this workshop can be found in the comment Ms. Yee was kind enough to post here:

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