200 Posts!!!

It’s like one of those birthdays that end in zero.  It’s sort of like any other day – but it’s not.  This is just another post, though it’s something more at the same time.  At a minimum, this is an occasion to step back and reflect.  Here are a few random thoughts about this blog as a work in progress:

I need to update my About page:

This First Gates is no longer about what it was in the beginning.  I started writing about fiction and the process of writing.  Later I included spiritual topics, but from my current perspective, the thread animating all these posts is imagination.  Not only artistic “creative imagination.”  I use the word in the wider sense employed by psychologist, James Hillman, an influential post-Jungian thinker:

“By soul I mean the imaginative possibilities in our natures…that mode which recognizes all realities as primarily symbolic or metaphorical” – James Hillman, Revisioning Psychology, 1977.

I ventured into the realms of politics and economics this summer not for the subject matter alone, but because of the passions involved.  People do not get that excited over literal truths.  Along with Hillman, I’m fascinated by the reality in our fantasies and the fantasy in our “realities.”  This understanding is likely to guide my choice of subject matter in the future.

Am I slowing down?

A bit, at least over the last six weeks or so.  Through spring and early summer I was posting three or four times a week.  Lately it has been about twice a week.  Partly it’s the season and a desire to be out and about more, enjoying the warmth and the daylight while they last.  Related to that are a summer’s worth of neglected yard chores I have no excuse to avoid now that the days are growing cooler.  We also tend to travel in the fall (thought that doesn’t necessarily preclude blogging).

Nerdvana - Wifi in the Woods

There’s an ebb and flow to things like this, and I suspect I will pick up steam again as the days grow shorter and colder.

Enjoying the blogosphere:

When I started, I didn’t know other bloggers, and it took me a while to connect.  Lately the number of blogs I follow has exploded.  Sometimes I am reminded of hanging out with kindred spirits in college.  However naive the discussions, the excitement and fervor often came to mind during the years of corporate meetings, where such qualities were notable by their absence.  It’s trendy to criticize connecting online rather than face to face – as if distance and time zones and schedules are easy to overcome.  As a next-best-thing, this is a pretty decent medium for sharing stories and ideas.

Thanks to everyone:

Let me again thank everyone who stops by here to read or leave a comment.  It’s you who keep me going.  Now it’s time to go read a few blogs and mull over possible topics for post #201.

12 thoughts on “200 Posts!!!

  1. I love reading about the progression of your blog, as a bit of a newbie here. It’s inspiring! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, ideas, and self. Keep going! I want to enjoy reading post 300 as well. =)


  2. It’s always interesting to see how things change over time, especially when you have a way to observe everything that has changed. I also agree with Amber’s comments that I’ve enjoyed following your blog and I also look forward to the next 100 posts.


    • Thanks Adam. It will be interesting to me too to see where it goes, since I’ve used most of the “back-burner” ideas I had when I started. I have an idea for the next post, but that is as far ahead as I can see right now.


  3. It has been a journey and I’ve enjoyed being along for the ride. You have inspired me to keep on blogging just as you help to keep me writing with your comments and encouragement. I always enjoy reading your blog, so keep up the good work!


  4. Congratulations! The funny thing is we’re able to have these long-distance connections because of computers. In olden times, we might never have “met” so many wonderful, fascinating, kindred spirits! I think perhaps I need to update my About page, too!


  5. It is just another post but something more at the same time. What I find so interesting about your disclaimer is that most of your posts are exactly that — another in a line of [usually fiction topics] and yet something more. Perhaps it is the underlying thrum of spirituality on your blog that changes so much of what you write about into metaphor?

    Happy un-birthday to your blog!


  6. As a fellow writer, your title captured my attention. CONGRATULATIONS on reaching 200! It’s quite an accomplishment. The Internet is an amazing tool, isn’t it? All my best.


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