Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Thanks to Mary for passing this on from Facebook.  This is a 1997 Apple commercial, narrated by Steve Jobs.  It never was shown.  The version that went public had Richard Dreyfus doing the voice-overs.  Here it is with Steve’s voice.  Happy Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Here’s to the Crazy Ones

  1. Thanks. I read about this in Walter Isaacson’s new biography, “Steve Jobs.” As much as I wanted to like Steve Jobs, he was really crazy. Read “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad. We have selective memories when someone passes.


    • I have not read the biography yet. I have read a few articles on the extreme psychopathology of various corporate CEO’s, though they remained anonymous. I’ve read Heart of Darkness, but so far it seems a bit wild to equate Jobs with Mr. Kurtz (or Brando in Apocalypse Now). Noting that I write this reply on my mac air, so I’ll wait to read Jacobson.

      Thanks for your comment.


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