Music of Hope: “River’s Gonna Rise,” by Warren Haynes

Last summer, I posted about how much I liked Warren Haynes new solo album, Man in Motion. . Haynes, one of Rolling Stone’s 25 Best Guitarists of All Time, is best known for his work with the Allman Brothers and The Dead (that’s the Grateful Dead, minus Jerry Garcia).

I still enjoy the whole album, but lately find myself singing one of the cuts in particular, “River’s Gonna Rise”, almost like an anthem or a mantra of hope.  No accident.  On a youTube clips made last summer, Haynes said, “This is for the Occupy Protestors all over the world.”  Here’s a great clip of him singing it solo in a studio.  Listen and enjoy!

River’s Gonna Rise

Darkness hides the faces
Of we who hold the power
We don’t need to be rich
We only need to be free
Chains of oppression
Never gonna break
But a day will come when we hold the key

Bells will be ringing
Flames reaching to the sky
Higher and higher
Fueled by the winds of change
Sweet taste of freedom
Fresh on the tips of our tongues
And the dust of the past is all that shall remain

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