Ann Patchett Interviewed on the Colbert Report

By a happy coincidence, I was channel surfing Monday night at just the right moment to catch author and indie bookstore owner, Ann Patchett, on the Colbert Report.  In an earlier post, I discussed Ms Patchett’s bookstore venture.

Author and owner of Parnassus Books, Ann Patchett

Colbert played devil’s advocate, arguing that brick and mortar bookstores are obsolete, and besides, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is no one to mess around with – didn’t he bludgeon the owner of Borders to death with a tire iron?

Patchett said, fine, stay indoors, never talk to anyone, live your life online, “But you’ll wake up one day and find you’ve become the unibomber.”

“A strong argument,” Colbert conceded.

From the sound of it, Patchett’s Parnassus Books has become a community gathering place – not just a bookstore, but a literary salon, a poets corner, a venue for local musicians, and a place where the staff is composed of avid readers who can make suggestions for every taste.  If I were an independent bookstore owner, I’d be tempted to travel to Nashville to look at this model of success.

The full episode is available online:  The Patchett interview is about 2/3 of the way through the show, though with a cup of coffee and a slightly twisted sends of humor, you may enjoy listening to it all.

4 thoughts on “Ann Patchett Interviewed on the Colbert Report

  1. I don’t seem to have the right plug-ins or something to watch this. Maybe I can try another computer in the house. It sounds like a kick. I love that her bookstore has become what it has. If I ever get to Nashville, I will certainly stop by. Thanks for the post.


    • I tried to get the link from youTube, but there’s some kind of funky survey you’re asked to fill out to see it, which I wouldn’t do. It’s not on the bookstore website either, so I guess there are copyright issues.


  2. isn’t this like the thing where we are forgetting to live in the mmnoet as we are always rushing to finish so we can get to the next best thing? 🙂 I think the phrase slow down and smell the roses’ is appropriate, in other words, enjoy the stitching, this particular one won’t be back again 🙂


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