The Nikola Tesla Guide to Writing

Albert Berg’s Unsanity Files is one of the blogs I follow, enjoy, and draw inspiration from. Here is a uniqute take on Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor who held more than 100 patents. Albert discovered more than electro-mechanical genius in Tesla’s book, “My Inventions.” Here are several valuable principles about writing he discovered.  Enjoy

The Unsanity Files

Those of you who follow my Twitter feed know that I recently finished reading a book called My Inventions by Nikola Tesla. Before reading this book, I had a nominal knowledge of Tesla. I read a short biography on him back when I was in high school, and I was aware of his hero status on the internet, but reading his life story in his own words gave me a new appreciation for the man.

As a child who grew up idolizing the likes of Thomas Edison, and dreaming of what it might be like to have a career as an inventor, Tesla has always held a special place in my heart. But as a writer, I realized that his approach to life was something I could emulate as a writer as well. What follows is a short list of the things I learned from Tesla’s life that I think could benefit writers…

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2 thoughts on “The Nikola Tesla Guide to Writing

  1. Nice article. My husband, a physicist, an admirer of Tesla, and an eternal optimist, often reminds us failure is an option — one that teaches us much and can be a step along the way to success. I enjoyed this.


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