Hunting UFO’s and Your Chance to Tweet Outer Space

Tonight at 9:00pm, the National Geographic Channel will present “Chasing UFO’s,” with a team of three investigators checking out reported sightings in Texas, Fresno, and other hotspots of alien activity.

The National Geographic Team – move over Men in Black!

In a recent survey, National Geographic discovered that 80 million Americans – a third of the population – believe in UFO’s.  Seventy-nine percent of us think the government has kept UFO information hidden, and more than half believe there are real Men in Black who threaten people who report sightings.

Aliens grok Geena Davis in “Earth Girls are Easy,” 1988

But wait – there’s more going on tomorrow than just watching other people have all the fun.  There’s something to take our minds off wondering how to land a job as a UFO Chaser.  It’s the Wow Reply Project.

In August, 1977, Jerry Ehman, a researcher at the Ohio State Big Ear radio observatory, spotted a coherent alpha-numeric sequence on a computer printout of signals from deep space.  He grabbed a red pen, circled it, and wrote “Wow!” in the margin.

Tomorrow night, National Geographic gives us the chance to Tweet back to whatever alien intelligence may have tried to contact us.  You can schedule your reply at this link:

And in case you’re a bit stuck in figuring what to say, the Geographic has solicited suggestions from several experts, including Stephen Colbert, to help us.  Check out Colbert’s recorded message, which begins, “Greetings intelligent alien life forms.  I am Stephen Colbert, and I come to you with an important message from all the peoples of the earth.  We are not delicious.”

From “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” 1951

It isn’t easy to make up a tweet for space beings.  What can you possibly say?  “Greetings, aliens. I had cheerios for breakfast, how bout you?” See, this is going to take some work, and there isn’t much time, so we better get busy!

5 thoughts on “Hunting UFO’s and Your Chance to Tweet Outer Space

    • Good point. Here is a link to a discussion on language difficulties that ends with a warning by Stephen Hawking:

      – “Stephen Hawking warns that if extraterrestrials with more advanced technology than ours visited Earth, they could exploit or exterminate us, in the fashion that Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World turned into a disaster for native peoples. ‘We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet,’ he said.”



  1. Attention Earthlings…we IS in outer-space.

    What wonderfully grand job security, looking for UFOs, Big Foots, Angels, The Lord’s Way, The Unified-Field Theory…and other things that will never be found ’cause they ain’t there.

    Here’s a philosopher you’ll NEVER see on mass-media, along with most other unpopular facts.


  2. My husband once told me one of his professors suggested it wouldn’t be a good idea to try to correspond with intelligent beings from other worlds as to them we might just look like the biggest herd of beef cattle ever! But thanks for the heads up on the programming. I just set them up to record. I love stuff like that. It’s just plain fun.


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