Happy Belated Birthday!

June 28 was the second anniversary of this blog, and I forgot about it until yesterday.  I’ve been preoccupied with offline things.

An out of town series of Tibetan teachings involves a lot of driving as well as study and practice.  The special needs of a very elderly dog (who is doing better for now) takes time and energy.  A neighbor and I were splitting large tree trunks when the rented splitter conked out, and we have to get back to it this week.  Most recently, Mary and I have been discussing a possible trip to Iceland (that’s Iceland not Ireland), with a small group of storytellers in late September.  You’re sure to hear more if it pans out.

A year ago, I appear to have been a more contentious blogger.  I wrote a summary of my experiences at the one year anniversary that made Freshly Pressed: http://wp.me/pYql4-10O.  One thing I mentioned then still happens – I post something and get up thinking,”That’s it.  I’ve run out of things to say.  It was a nice run while it lasted.”

On other occasions, I’ll read an older post and wonder, “What on earthwas I thinking?”

My rule of thumb for such moments is, “Don’t sweat it.”  A few days go by, and I get caught up in another idea.  Now I even know what my mission statement is, though I give myself permission to ignore it when necessary:

“To explore the reality in all fantasies and the fantasy in realities.”

One more thing hasn’t changed – readers keep me going.  People who visit and leave a comment, who point out a flaw or something they like, make it all worthwhile and keep me going.

Thank you very much!!!

10 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday!

  1. At the risk of spewing cliches all over your lovely little celebration here, you are an inspiration – I kind of view you as the Paladin of the blogosphere – “Have imagination, Will travel”!!! Many kudos for making such a history for yourself and your blog… And great thanks, as well… May your future be blessed with the imagination to continue inspiring, yourself and others…



    • Thanks for you very kind words! Right off the bat, your comment suggested more than one future post on several people who value imagination and inspire you to reflect upon it deeply.


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