A word of caution…

Courtesy, Cafe Coco on Facebook

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7 Responses to A word of caution…

  1. John Liming says:

    So then, the way I understand what you are saying is that if there is no picture and no quotes, it is perfectly o.k. to believe?


  2. Rosi says:

    Well, heck. That would mean I would have to do my homework!


  3. JT says:

    Very Funny, Morgan, depending on the age group who sees this, could lead to some interesting conversations.


  4. Morgan, have you and your blogging buddies read this? It’s a blog post about using pictures in blog posts, and the copyright issues involved. It was a real eye-opener for me and hundreds of others who have left comments. http://www.roniloren.com/blog/2012/7/20/bloggers-beware-you-can-get-sued-for-using-pics-on-your-blog.html


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