I’m not a real active Facebook user, but even I have recently scratched my head at posts on my newsfeed from entities I’ve never liked or friended. Maggie has the answer – “sponsored stories,” a newly implemented FB practice that allows pages to pay-for-“reach.” And here we naively thought all posts were created equal – HA! Show ’em da money! – Morgan

Maggie (Not Margaret)

Or, Sponsored Stories are Bad News for Facebook Users

Recently, my Facebook reach has been rather down.  What, I’m I suddenly not as interesting?  Are my pictures not as good?  My posts not as funny?  Although Facebook doesn’t provide individual users with stats about their posts’ engagement and reach, I can tell you what my graph would look like – like a plane crashing from 30,000 feet.

For a while, I was thinking that this was a personal problem – that I’d been so fussed on school and work that I’d let my social media presence slip.  I didn’t even want to think about my Klout score.  Then friends started mentioning that they were experiencing lower engagement, as well.  I started seeing, “Hello, can anyone see this?” posts.  Then I noticed that the same problem was happening on the pages that I admin.

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  1. I have come so close to just taking down my FB page. It’s a terrible time-sink, but I do hear from former students and I do see what’s going on with some friends and relatives, so I find myself whizzing by a lot of junk. But I still often think, maybe I’ll just take it down. I sure lived without it for a long time.


    • I guess the real reason it doesn’t trouble me a lot is that I don’t spend much time there, while I have been able to connect with old high school cronies, and certain groups and organizations I like to hear from. New blog posts get sent to FB, but I never looked deeply enough to try to track the results of that in the past, so I don’t know if the new pay-per-view system impacts it much or not…


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