Fans of movies and fairytales will love this 1922 Cinderella (Aschenputtel), a 12 minute animated silhouette feature by Lotte Reiniger (1899-1981). Reiniger went on to create the first animated feature film in 1926. Those who appreciate the art of fantasy will want to know about Lily Wight’s blog, where so many finds like this appear.

Lily Wight

     German animator Lotte Reiniger created the first surviving full-length animated feature, The Adventures Of Prince Achmed, back in 1926.

     An enchanting collection of Reiniger’s paper silhouette Fairy Tale adaptations is now available on DVD.

     You can watch Cinderella (1922) right here…


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  1. Thanks for the share, Morgan xxx These early animations are so precious I could watch them all day… which would stop me from writing blog posts 😦 I’ve got a real treat coming on Saturday 30th for Fairy Tale fans x


  2. This is utterly fabulous- the silhouettes themselves are remarkably detailed and expressive and when you add the composition of the scenes and the gestures it’s remarkable how sophisticated it all gets.


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