Weekend Video: The Real Meaning of Life

For now, the heat has broken. It’s Sunday. Went for an early dog walk and had the park almost to ourselves. Now the dogs are dozing at my feet and there’s a cup of coffee nearby – a good frame of mind to watch a short but inspiring video I found posted on Life Out of the Box, a blog that always rewards the time I spend exploring it.

Life Out of the Box

LOOTB Weekend Video: The Real Meaning of Life

Here’s a great video that we found by one of our favorite philosophers Alan Watts. We’ve shared another video of his in the past, What Do I Desire, because his philosophy on life is so in line with the mentality we have here with Life Out of the Box. In this video he explains what the real meaning of life is and that it’s not about the destination of success that we’re after, but rather the journey along the way. His words continue to inspire us to go after our dreams and live the life we desire and we hope they do the same for you all on this beautiful Saturday morning. Make it a weekend to remember friends!

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1 thought on “Weekend Video: The Real Meaning of Life

  1. Thankfully, I was born with a very small capacity to just follow along on the trail. My big sister had a poster on her teenage wall, “Life is a journey, not a destination,” so I was pre-loaded not to take school too seriously, or even consider what success would look like. I thought it would be enough work just figure out how it is that we even exist! School and other people’s idea of “what I needed to know,” bored me half to death anyway, so no college for me! Instead I chose to work at jobs that didn’t tax my time except when I was clocked in. Love Alan Watts. He was my 2nd life-changer writer after Herman Hesse. Life is still a buffet. Thanks for reminding me of one of my first author crushes!


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