The Wet Rat Brigade

Back when I was in grade school _______________ (insert a phrase like, “When dinosaurs roamed the earth”), school resumed after Labor Day.  To add salt to the wounds, there really were essays and/or discussions along the lines of, “How I spent my summer.”  Fortunately, a blog makes that whole exercise obsolete, but just because the morning began in unusual fashion, I offer a mini-retro style essay called:

How My Labor Day Began

I woke up to see the streets damp (not really wet) with the first rain since May if I am remembering right.  A pleasant and cool morning, so after a cup of coffee, I leashed up the dogs for a walk in the park.  As I opened the door, the skies opened up as well.  After a flash and the crash of nearby thunder, all three of us did a 180, back into the house for breakfast.

Fortified by cheerios and kibble, we set off again, and this time the downpour did not resume until we were out in middle of the park.  I don’t know how to describe what a magical moment it was.  I haven’t had that much fun in the rain since those bygone grade school days, when I took my mother’s warning that I would catch pneumonia as a challenge.

True, I called a halt after one lap around the baseball fields because the drops got fat and hard I thought we might be in for hail.  But nobody melted and good times were had by all.

wet missy

Little wet Missy (now dry) and I wish you all a wonderful Labor Day and a Happy Start to Fall!

5 thoughts on “The Wet Rat Brigade

  1. This is great. We spent the entire wonderfully rainy day watching our grandson play in three baseball games. They never paused even during the worst of it. Kids! I have to say, the rain was a real gift for me. I love rain. My grandkids have already been in school for a couple weeks, but I don’t feel like it’s really time until this week. I truly enjoyed your essay and the picture.


    • It truly did mark a change in the seasons. Glad you liked the picture. Missy, in the photo, doesn’t mind the rain. Kit, who was in the back seat, in all other respects is the definite alpha dog, but she’s a real wimp about rain in most circumstances. It turns out though, that her love of a brisk walk trumps her aversion to rain, so good times were had by all!


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