The season begins…

While strolling through Petco this morning to pick up some dog food, I decided to get a new rope toy for Kit, the older of two our two rescue dogs.  She never tires of chewing these things and nagging humans to throw it so she can play fetch.  I rounded a corner and stopped.  Dead in my tracks.  Stunned by the horror spread out before me.  On the dog Halloween costume aisle.

Let’s be clear – I don’t mean all canine Halloween outfits.  Some are funny, and some dogs seem to enjoy the attention.

Courtesy, CC By 2.0

Courtesy, CC By 2.0

What I came upon were princess and ballerina outfits.  I suffered an  instant flashback to the two hour wait I once endured at O’Hare Airport, sitting across from a woman whose poor little dog was dressed in a pink tutu.  I’m serious.  This really happened. I’ve never seen an animal look more miserable outside a vet’s waiting room.

Let’s face it, very few dogs can pull off a tutu with any kind of style and grace:

Courtesy, CC By 2.0

Courtesy, CC By 2.0

Our dogs are both females.  While they appreciate small accessories,  like an understated pumpkin scarf, they know that canine traditions at this time of year go deep – far deeper than any Disney concoction.


They’re both working hard to release their inner wolves on October 31.

Okay, so maybe there’s more work to be done, but credit where it’s deserved.  I think they’re progressing nicely.

4 thoughts on “The season begins…

    • I confess that with our first dog, we tried one of those deer antler things, but it was off and serving as an impromptu chew toy in about three seconds, so it’s been nothing more radical than Halloween scarves at our house.


  1. I got a flyer by email recently that said with some purchase I could get free Yoda ears for Mason, our new family member. I forwarded it to my daughter — thought she’d get a laugh — and asked if she thought I should get them. Her response? If you don’t, I will. Mason may be doomed to become part of the horror that is Halloween. (sigh)


    • I mentioned in one recent comment or email that we tried a pair of deer antlers once. In three seconds or so, they were off and serving as a chew toy, so that was the end of that, but still – we are not innocent of such Halloween folly…


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