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Notes from 2017 – Remember moral courage?

On New Year’s day, Wall Street Journal editor, Gerard Baker sparked a social media storm after saying on Meet the Press that he has instructed his paper’s journalists not to report Donald Trump’s lies as lies, but as “questionable,” or … Continue reading

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Notes from 2017 – The daily deception!

Cyberspace is atwitter – literally – with news of Mr. Trump’s call for renewed stockpiling of nuclear weapons. DON’T FALL FOR THE SLIGHT OF HAND! We’ve been down this road before. How often, in the face of scandal, has this … Continue reading

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I want to apologize to someone, but I don’t know who

“I cross the Green Mountain I sit by the stream Heaven blazing in my head I dreamed a monstrous dream Something came up Out of the sea Swept through the land of The rich and the free” – Bob Dylan

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The Goat Speaks

Originally posted on witchlike:
? Oh, you silly, silly humans. Why all the nail biting, my dears? Clearly, at the beginning of this World Series, I promised you I would lift the curse.  I signed the agreement with my hoof…

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My Fulfillment Package

The voice on a recent robo-call, in the masculine-but-chirpy tone of a game show host, said, “Hi, this is Tod, here to tell you your fulfillment package is ready! Having just come from the meditation room, I wondered what kind of … Continue reading

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Send in the….

Displacement: Psychiatry A psychological defense mechanism in which there is an unconscious shift of emotions, affect, or desires from the original object to a more acceptable or immediate substitute. Any questions?

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Almost four years ago, I posted Change is the Only Constant, a discussion of the December, 2012 report of the National Intelligence Council, a consortium of the 16 major U.S. intelligence agencies. Since 1997, they have issued comprehensive reports on … Continue reading

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Of Kids and Legos

Studies in the psychology of happiness list the factors that contribute to wellbeing. Not surprisingly, good health is most important, followed closely by a satisfying social network. Having money for necessities and simple comforts is important, though the curve flattens … Continue reading

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