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The American Monomyth

In my so far disappointing effort to make sense of Tumblr, I have at least found several intriguing posts, including this one from josephcampbellwasright.tumblr.com called “The American Monomyth.” The Monomyth is a world-wide mythic pattern that Joseph Campbell described in The … Continue reading

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Thanks to a tip from our niece, Theresa, we’ve discovered a promising mystery show on A&E.  Longmire, based on a series of award winning novels by Chris Johnson, premiered in June, 2012.  Now in its second season, the first years’ … Continue reading

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Notes on spies, cowboys, and heroes.

I’ve done some car travel recently, and that is my favorite time to listen to audio books.  This time I picked a spy novel by a popular author I hadn’t read before.  I’ll discuss the specifics when I finish the … Continue reading

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Cowboys and Aliens: A Movie Review

Can you guess what this movie is about? I couldn’t, not with precision.  I was expecting something whimsical and set in contemporary times.  Instead, we are transported to 19th century New Mexico, with bad-ass cowboys, really bad-ass aliens (think, Sigourney … Continue reading

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The Ballad of Jesse James

It’s easy to see why I was drawn to the Ballad of Jesse James as a kid; the song paints Jesse as an American Robin Hood: Jesse James was a lad, he killed many a man, He robbed the Glendale train. … Continue reading

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Camelot and the Wild West

Last Sunday, after the Bears lost, I was working on one of my western movie posts. Mary switched channels and I looked up to catch the conclusion of First Knight, starring Sean Connery as King Arthur and Richard Gere as … Continue reading

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McCabe and Mrs. Miller

I had planned to discuss Robert Altman’s McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971), in the same vein as my earlier discussion of True Grit and Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, but after wrestling with the post for two days, I … Continue reading

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Pothos in Westerns 2: Pat Garret and Billy the Kid

Sam Peckinpah was 48 when he directed Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. His health was failing after too many years of drug and alcohol abuse; a documentary I saw showed the crew carrying him from one scene to another on … Continue reading

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