They Say It’s Your Birthday

That’s right. January 22. Just over the cusp of Aquarius.  Old enough to know who Eddie Haskel was (see previous post).  Old enough to take the title for this post from a Beatles song.  Old enough that I was in Jr. High (they didn’t call it middle school then) when the Beatles played Ed Sullivan.

I am interested in Tibetan astrology and discovered there is some disagreement about where January birthdays fall in the scheme of the zodiacal year; the Tibetan new year is in February, but half the web sites and a friend who is a dedicated student of all things Tibetan say the astrological year begins at the winter solstice. That would make me an Iron Tiger. The prognosis for 2011 is not encouraging: one online site says, if you survive 2011, you will enter a run of good fortune. How’s that for good news/bad news? The same site suggests taking a retreat for the rest of the year, and urges caution around sharp tools.  Let’s just say we’re running low on firewood because I haven’t hauled out the chain saw in the last few weeks.

But in the forward looking department, I just put an official tag on this blog for the WordPress Post-a-week 2011 challenge. I saw this way back at the start of January, and figured, “Oh yeah, I’m gonna do that anyway, so I don’t need to be formal about it.”  Rereading the challenge, I realized there is a real stand-up-and-be-counted aspect to being formal about it, so I’m in.

So here’s to a year of surviving and thriving, and at least a post a week to document it!

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