Six Writer’s Digest Short Story Competitions

I just received a notice from Writer’s Digest, announcing six short story competitions in six different genres:

In each genre, the first prize is $1000, plus $100 worth of Writer’s Digest books, and the 2012 Novel & Short Story Market.  Second prize is $500, $100 worth of books and the Novel & Short Story Market.  Honorable Mentions receive the Novel & Short Story Market.  The three top entries in each genre will be published in “a Writer’s Digest outlet.”

Stories must be previously unpublished and not accepted by any other publication at the time of submission.  WD retains “one time publication rights” for the “outlet” mentioned above, their website or magazine, I imagine, though they are not specific.  Entries are $20 each, and the maximum length for all genres is 4000 words.  The genre competitions have different deadlines:

Science Fiction/Fantasy – Sept. 15, 2011
Thriller                                – Sept. 15, 2011
Young Adult                       – Oct. 1, 2011
Romance                             – Oct. 15, 2011
Crime                                    – Oct. 22, 2011
Horror                                  – Oct. 31, 2011

Short story competitions pick up in the fall, so here is a chance to explore something off your beaten track.  It was a dark and story night, y’all!

10 thoughts on “Six Writer’s Digest Short Story Competitions

  1. I’ll definitely have to give this a try in the Fantasy genre. I’m sure I can scrounge up $20 somehow and it’s worth a try. Thanks for posting about this! I may not have found out otherwise.


      • I love scary horror, as well, but I’ve never quite taken the risk and written any. I wander mostly in dark fantasy and other such genres.
        Good luck to you, as well!


    • I am guessing they may not have had a YA category in the past, but with recent features on NPR and an article in Time, I think it has really hit the radar. Glad you have something to enter.


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