Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition

I just received this announcement for the 81st annual Writer’s Digest writing competition, seeking entries in ten categories:

  • Inspirational Writing (Spiritual/Religious)
  • Memoirs/Personal Essay
  • Magazine Feature Article
  • Genre Short Story (Mystery, Romance, etc.)
  • Mainstream/Literary Short Story
  • Rhyming Poetry
  • Non-rhyming Poetry
  • Stage Play
  • Television/Movie Script
  • Children’s/Young Adult Fiction

As one would expect, there are nice prizes and nominal entry fees, with the top ten winners in each category to be named in the November, 2012 issue of Writer’s Digest.  Here is a link to the announcement page, where you can find links to the rules and regulations, as well a place to sign up for notification of the many contests WD holds every year, especially for short fiction and poetry.


If you’re interested in the Children’s/YA section, you will notice that although the category is listed on the main page, details such as word count are missing from the rules and the FAQs.  There is a “Contact us” link that gives phone number and email for questions like this.

Good luck to everyone.  I know several people who have been listed in the “top ten,” and it’s quite an honor, since the Writer’s Digest competitions always draw a large number of entries.

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition

  1. Wow. They’ve already announced the next contest and haven’t even finished the judging on the last one. I just received my confirmation for receipt of my entry about a month ago. YA/Children’s has a 2,000 word limit. It’s on the Rules and Regs page along with Memoir and Magazine Article. I think it’s the same limit as last time. These contests must be quite a profit center for them. It seems they run them often.


    • Every time they announce the number of submissions, I see how popular they are. They hold a monthly short fiction contest for mentions in the magazine and publication on their website. I believe it’s for 750 words, keying off a “prompt.” It’s one of those “meaning to do” things on my list, but they seem to get 500-600 submissions every month.

      I do think these days that these contests are a great place to try out one’s shorter fiction.


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