My First Ever, Caption the Cartoon Contest!

My recent resolution to stay more positive on this blog is challenged almost every time I pick up a newspaper or turn on the evening news.  Believing that laughter is better than tears, and in keeping with this week’s headlines, I’m announcing a little contest:

Thanks to for this royalty-free cartoon

I’m guessing that everyone who isn’t living with wolves knows why poor little Mr. Happy is sad. I will award a $10 Amazon gift card to the best caption for this cartoon, submitted as a comment to this post by midnight PST, Saturday, March 10.  Multiple entries are encouraged.


If you have been on vacation, or on a media fast, or if you live in a country that still has real political debate, you may not have heard of the controversy over rules that require health-care providers to cover contraception even if it violates the conscience of certain faith-based employers.  Throwing gasoline on the fire, conservative talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, called Sandra Fluke, a third-year law student, a “slut” and “a prostitute” after she testified in favor of insurance coverage of birth control.

So now that you know the story, what are you waiting for? Get busy writing your captions!

11 thoughts on “My First Ever, Caption the Cartoon Contest!

  1. I don’t have a caption for the cartoon right now, perhaps I’ll think of one later.

    Idiotic issues such as this are exactly the reasons that I can’t stand politics. This shouldn’t be an issue at all. If a health insurance company would provide assistance for someone who is pregnant or for a young child, then there really is no reason why they shouldn’t provide contraceptive measures as well.

    I also wonder how anyone could ever take Rush Limbaugh seriously after he says something like this. He makes a completely unprovoked attack on a college student who has a legitimate question about a policy that affects her life.

    I suppose I should just be thankful that there aren’t any really important issues that our political leaders should be discussing /sarcasm.

    Actually, there’s my caption for the cartoon, he’s crying from joy and saying: “I can’t believe that I’m finally the most important thing for the government to discuss, it’s a life-long dream come true.”


    • There you go, Adam, entry number one. Thanks.

      Neal Gabler’s book, discussed in my previous post, dates “news as entertainment” in this country to 1830. Prior to that, there had simply been broadsheets with learned opinions, designed to uplift people. Boring stuff in other words, once the “penny-press” got going. They featured a lot of true crime and other stories, not too different from the local news on TV these days, and 70 years before what I always thought of as Hearst’s “yellow press.”

      I got up this morning thinking of a comment on the PBS Newshour last night – one of the regulars on that show discussing how we seem to be headed right to “our 3d war in 11 years” with Iran.

      And then to see nothing on that in the paper this morning, but only a moron like Limbaugh getting air time…

      I was half serious this morning when I said the post represented a choice between laughter and tears.


  2. “Life is so hard for a condom. When I don’t do my job, I’m broke. When I do everything I’m supposed to, I’m a scumbag.”

    It’s not political but then consider all of scumbags involved. Namely Rush.


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