Impending Doom?

A bright spring morning after days of clouds and rain. A good night’s sleep. So why did I wake with a sense of impending doom?  There are no foreboding events on the horizon.  I haven’t violated any obvious rules of mental hygiene, i.e., I don’t stay up late watching slasher movies.  A few times in the past, such uneasiness has preceded nasty events, but not very often.

I did some yoga and meditation, which helped but didn’t dispel the mood.  What I really wanted to do was get outdoors, so I took a walk at a local park.  Afterwards, I felt like a cup of coffee and went to Starbucks.

As I sat down, a man who looked vaguely familiar said, “Morgan?”

I couldn’t quite place him and had to ask his name.  Turns out he and I were friends almost 25 years ago.  He went to work for the state, and I started taking night classes after work, and we lost touch.  I thought he had moved away, but he still lives where he did back then, little over a mile away as the crow flies.

We talked for a while and traded phone numbers.  He said he built a boat and mentioned fishing.  I thought of baseball once the season starts.  The sense of impending doom was gone.  And yet, if it hadn’t been there when I got up…

I wouldn’t have gone to the park…
and would have made coffee at home…
so I wouldn’t have been at Starbucks to cross paths with an old friend.

When I really pay attention, I find I do not understand how anything works.

9 thoughts on “Impending Doom?

      • “too implausible for fiction…” LOL. It reminds me of something you said in critique one day about a section in my YA book — “This might happen in real life, but no way it could happen in fiction.”


      • I forget who it was – some well known, contemporary author, who was asked about the difference between life and fiction.

        He said, “Fiction has to make sense.”


  1. I love this post – my father, who went to high school in a little place called Marshalltown, Iowa, had a football coach that he came to know quite well.
    Some twenty-five years later, at a Starbucks in Texas, he bumped into that same football coach while he stood in line!

    Incredible how life works sometimes 🙂


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