More photographs from Iceland

Here are a few more photographs from the week we spent in Iceland. In a few days I’ll write about our discussions of Icelandic sagas in general, and Njal’s Saga in particular, which framed and guided our travels through the countryside.


Farmhouse, Hlidarendi

Kerio, a collapsed volcanic crater

Volcanos Eyjafjallajökull (right) and Katla (left). Mary’s photo.

Bridge to nowhere, Skalholt

Guesthouse, Skalholt

Shore of Lake Thingvallavatn, the largest natural lake in Iceland

Another bridge to nowhere – the metaphorical possibilities are endless.

Skalholt Cathedral from the river path

Churchyard at Oddi


Yours truly by the statue of Saemundur the Learned.

Next: The sagas

4 thoughts on “More photographs from Iceland

    • The Icelandic sagas were a new genre for me. They are long epics, based on historical events, written from oral tradition by a single author, and designed to be read aloud, over a period of days to a large audience. This is new to me of course, and people have devoted entire academic careers to studying them, but elements of the tale are unforgettable, and I’m also looking to read more of nordic folklore in general. I’ll probably post something early next week.


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