A Buddhist Statement on the Separation of Families

“Whatever the legal status of those attempting to enter the US, separating children from their parents is a contravention of basic human rights. Parents seeking asylum make long, dangerous and arduous journeys in an attempt to find safety and well-being for their precious children. Ripping these vulnerable children from their parents is cruel, inhumane, and against the principles of compassion and mercy espoused by all religious traditions…

Separating children from their parents and holding them in detention inflicts terrible and needless trauma and stress on young children that hampers and damages their development, causing long-term damage. This policy being employed on United States soil is morally unconscionable. That such egregious actions be employed as a deterrent for families seeking entry and/or asylum in the U.S. – using the sacred bond between innocent youth and their parents – is unjustifiable on any level.”

A Statement on the Separation of Families.

3 thoughts on “A Buddhist Statement on the Separation of Families

    • I still remember a time when I was about four, when my mother took me shopping in a department store. I wandered off and got lost and was absolutely terrified. And that was just for a few minutes.

      Later on, when I was studying psych, I saw several clinical studies of the bad effects of such disruptions when you are young. One involved infants who miraculously survived the firebombing of Dresden at the end of WWII. These children were cared for by nuns, and the nuns were so few that they really only had time to feed and change the children, not cuddle or interact to any degree.

      Every single one of those children, in later years, spent time in prison or jails. It’s intuitively easy to grasp, and here, this nation has done it to thousands for a political stunt.

      These are crimes against humanity!


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