2020 Notes 2

The night before last, I had a hug dream:

I seemed to be in a restaurant, waiting to pick up a takeout order when I spotted a friend. He and I hugged, but then, at the same moment, said, “Shit!” and jumped back to to a six foot distance. I ducked into the restroom to wash my hands, knowing that hands were not the issue, and pissed that I’d have to start counting down 14 days again to feel safe from contagion.

Most of the time, the dreaming mind brings up issues and themes we ignore in waking life. When something as topical as the corona virus appears in a dream, we know how far it has penetrated deep into the psyche.

Out in Fair Oaks Park, the weather has mostly been pleasant and the skies stunning.

We see others strolling in ones and twos, with and without dogs. Many of them wave or ask from a distance, “How are things going for you?” Again I sense that, left to ourselves, a crisis like this would pull us together. Our natural instinct is to lend a helping hand.

Then why are we so divided?

The real question is “Who benefits when we are so divided?”

3 thoughts on “2020 Notes 2

  1. Cui bono? Hmm. In terms of contagion we all potentially benefit from distancing, so thank goodness for the ability to speak and listen and for the added dimension of social media. But, yes, it benefits corporations and certain politicians to keep us divided by exacerbating any differences rather than emphasising common humanity.

    On a different note I loved the photograph: I at first assumed it was a tree painting by the landscape artist Constable, it’s very much his style of realist depiction.


    • It’s in a great park nearby, near both a community garden and a UC Davis garden that demonstrates the beauty of native plants in landscape. One of the highlights of the day in this time of social distancing, is walking the dogs in that area.


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