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Stories that make the world

 On saturday, an acquaintance and I met at a local park to discuss some things of mutual interest.  It was a stunning fall day, with temperature in the low 80’s, so we sat for several hours at a picnic bench … Continue reading

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Things you may not know about Winnie- the- Pooh

Originally posted on The View From Sari's World:
Christopher Robin Milne was born on August 21, 1920, so what better day to celebrate the world’s favorite bear! Winnie-the-Pooh is unarguably one of the most recognizable characters in children’s literature,…

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The churchyard horror

Originally posted on freaky folk tales:
I have studied all manner of ghost and demon in my quest to better understand this realm betwixt Heaven and Hell but there is little in this study that has proved more intriguing —…

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Your Own Damn Life: an interview with Michael Meade in The Sun

Michael Meade is an author, storyteller, and a passionate advocate of soul values in a world that increasingly ignores them; I’ve written about Meade or mentioned him in half a dozen posts. In The Water of Life (revised, 2006) he … Continue reading

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The North Wind’s Gift: a trickster tale from Italy

If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you read the preceding post, Notes on Trickster stories, which provides a background and context for this article.  Both posts were inspired by “The North Wind’s Gift,” a tale from Italo Calvino’s … Continue reading

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Jorinda and Joringel: a fairytale from The Brothers Grimm

I have seen Jorinda and Joringel (sometimes spelled Jorindel) in many folklore collections, but I always passed it by.  A cursory glance led me to think it was much like Hansel and Gretel, not one of my favorite tales.  I’m not … Continue reading

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Secondhand Lions: a movie review

“If you want to believe in something, believe in it. Doesn’t matter if it isn’t true.  You believe in it anyway.” Hub McCann (Robert Duvall) in Secondhand Lions The recent death of country music star George Jones, reminded me of … Continue reading

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Authenticity and folklore

In his comment on my review of Once Upon a Time, Calmgrove zeroed in on one of author Max Luthi’s key concepts, that fairytales show us “man’s deliverance from an inauthentic existence and his commencement of a true one.” Luthi … Continue reading

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