Prayers for Standing Rock


At 10:00am Central time, on Sunday, December 4, there will be a world-wide half hour of prayer and meditation¬†“with the water, the earth, and the global community of supporters” of the Standing Rock Sioux nation, of those whose lives depend on the Missouri River, and all who understand the importance to all beings, of clean drinking water and reverence for sacred space.

You can register to participate at, donate to the water protectors, and sign a petition to President Obama, requesting that he end the violence against unarmed, peaceful protestors, who understand that water is more important than oil.

Here is an interview with Wendy Egyoku Nakao, abbot of the Los Angeles Zen Center, on why she, her and her organization, and more than 500 clergy of all denominations support the Sioux nation:

“I think we are heading for more confrontation in the days ahead. The First Nation peoples are taking a ceremonial and prayerful stand for healing from historical trauma and declaring their right to live on this earth. The DAPL folks have continued their actions, with the support of the Morton County law enforcement, regardless of injunctions, and are poised to go under the Missouri River. The mainstream media all but ignores what is happening. The current POTUS has been weak on the issue; the future POTUS is invested in Energy Transfer Partners. I encourage everyone to Stand with Standing Rock and protect the Water. Water is Life.”