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Silence, Stillness

If we have a bit of quiet time and pay attention at the turning of the year, we can feel a pause in the world and rest there. It’s easier to experience this in the natural world, but what we … Continue reading

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Notes from 2017: A Winter Feast for the Soul

The aphorisms in my previous post, on causes of happiness and unhappiness, are simple to say and understand, but not very easy to put into practice in the “thick of things.” I think that’s why the Dalia Lama speaks of … Continue reading

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There is Buddha in each of us right now who can never be defeated by the force of inner darkness, the force of greed, hate, attachment, and delusion, and that Buddha has no form, no image.  That Buddha, indeed, is … Continue reading

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A “small” thing

I’ve read about this, but it never happened to me before. Late yesterday afternoon I was driving home from the bay area. I’d been up at 6:30 to attend a second day of Dharma teachings. The weather was fine, traffic … Continue reading

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Imagining outcomes

This morning, I attended the funeral of a friend’s mother. She lived to be 92, had 14 great-grandchildren, was happily married for 49 years, and was lucid and even cracking jokes with those at her bedside until almost the end. … Continue reading

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Lend a hand—49 things you can do to make a difference

Originally posted on Russel Ray Photos:
For those who continue to rant about things over which you have no control, I would suggest getting out in your community and volunteering. My life has been full of volunteerism, so much so…

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