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Causes for happiness according to Carl Jung

Recently I thought of a chain of events in my life that I first considered unfortunate, though eventually they led to better results than I ever imagined. This got me thinking of “happiness,” and how wrong our ideas about it … Continue reading

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Jung’s Tower: simplicity and the inner life

Recent news of technological incursions into consciousness itself (virtual reality and altered memories); almost daily revelations about NSA spying; suggestions that social media “isolates people from reality;” it’s enough to make you want to unplug all the gadgets – at … Continue reading

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Queen Bothildur: an Icelandic Christmas folktale

I found this story in a beautifully illustrated book of Icelandic folktales for children, Tales of the Elves, that I brought back from that country after a visit in 2012. One Christmas Eve, a richly dressed woman knocked at the door … Continue reading

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Dreaming with animals

“What is the single greatest predictor of a hero’s success in folktales around the world?” A professor who had studied the subject at length once posed that question in a psychology class. The answer, he said, was finding an animal … Continue reading

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Who would you choose to write your biography?

Although I enjoy reading and mulling over the WordPress Daily Writing Prompts, I’ve never used one as a subject before.  That changed on March 11 with a post called Ghostwriter by blogger Michelle W. who asked, “If you could have any author – living … Continue reading

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The King and the Corpse by Heinrich Zimmer: A Book Review – Part One

Heinrich Zimmer (1890 – 1943) was a Sanskrit scholar, an Asian art historian, and an expert in Indian philosophy and spirituality.  After the Nazis dismissed him from Heidelberg University in 1938, he made his way to the US where he … Continue reading

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Robinson Jeffers: An American Stonecutter

My previous post, on the restoration of a medieval Chapter House, reminded me of two renowned people who worked in other fields but turned to stonework for renewal.  One was the great Psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, who viewed stone as a … Continue reading

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Thank You

I usually think of summer as the laid back season, but not this year.  The last few weeks have been a blur of major construction projects around the home, remedial training for our two rescue dogs, and unwanted interuptions such as … Continue reading

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